Activate CheckProof Connect
Written by Håkan Holmgren
Updated over a week ago

By enabling Check Proof Connect, you can get real time data such as odometer reading and GPS position directly presented to your device in CheckProof. Currently we have support for Track Unit and TelliQ.

CheckProof Connect allows you to connect existing systems that your unit uses. When connecting to external systems, the standard mileage and GPS position will be updated automatically. To assign a unit to CheckProof Connect, you must first enable it, start by clicking on Company settings in the left menu, then click the Connect-tab. Here you enter your API keys and finish by clicking on Save.

Contact your provider if you do not have API keys available!

Connect a unit to CheckProof Connect
Start by selecting a unit you want to connect. When you have selected a unit, click on Edit and then click on the Connect-tab. Choose if you want to use Trackunit or TelliQ and then select the device in the scrolling list, finish by clicking on Save.

Disconnect a unit from CheckProof Connect
To disconnect a unit from CheckProof Connect, open the unit, click on Edit, and click on the Connect-tab. Then click on Delete connect and finish by clicking on Save.

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