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Company settings and branding
Written by Håkan Holmgren
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Under company settings, you can add contact information, change the background color and log and set different settings.

Contact info
Here you fill in the company's contact information.


  • Add help text that will appear under the INFO button in the app.

  • Upload your own logotype and change the background color. Logotype and color selection are displayed for logged in users both in the admin panel and the app. It is also displayed in exported PDFs as well as in emails sent out from the system.

  • Set up email settings to apply to user creation. It is possible to allow/block individual domains for email. For example, one could block the possibility of adding emails ending with on users they create.


  • User information: Cost center mandatory - makes the Cost center field mandatory to fill in when a user is created.

  • Checks: Hide time duration - hides the time taken for checks performed, it will not be possible to see how long it took to carry out a check longer or time for each answered question on new checks performed.

  • Incidents: Hide statistics for absence - hides the bar graph for absence in the statistics box for reported incidents.

  • Incidents: Allow quick finish - incidents can be marked as finished without having to be investigated.

  • Deviations: Show Thumbnails - choose whether thumbnails should be displayed by default on deviations in the app. If a user does not want to see thumbnails of deviations, it can be disabled in the app.

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Only administrators can access Company Settings.

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