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When you create checks in the checklist, you get to decide how often the check should be performed, so there are a variety of intervals to choose from. In a checklist for units, there are 7 different intervals and for rounds, there are 6 different intervals.

Thus, you can have several different controls at different intervals in the same checklist. In the app, the user will be able to choose from a list of available controls from the checklist that is linked to the unit/round.

  • Daily check - the check should be performed daily.

  • Weekly check - the check must be performed weekly.

  • Monthly inspection - the inspection must be performed monthly.

  • Own interval - you get to decide how often the check should be performed. For example, every other day, every three weeks or every four months.

  • Fixed interval - you select specific days for the check to be performed. This can be a day of the week, a day of the week with a time, one day a month or one day a year. It is possible to add more than one occasion when the control should be active. This control type is only active during the range you have selected, and will otherwise be inactive and will not start.

  • Meter reading - the check must be performed at specific meter reading intervals, e.g. at every 500 hours. (Only in device checklists.)

  • No interval - you do not know how often the check should be performed.

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