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There are several ways to report deviations:

  • By clicking on + to the right of the company logo and selecting Deviation.

  • By clicking on New deviation when you are in a unit or round.

  • In an incident, you can report a new deviation during the Action step.

To create and report the discrepancy

Below is a description of the different parts that can be filled in when the deviation is created. Only the title is mandatory. It is of course possible to open up the deviation afterwards and add more information. Some things are suitable e.g. perhaps not to fill in immediately but only when the deviation is ready to mark as remedied.


Enter a short but informative heading that describes the deviation.


If you want to describe the deviation in more detail, you can do it here. The description will be previewed in the Deviation view when you move the mouse pointer over a deviation. The description text is also included in its entirety when exporting to Excel.


Select the category to which the deviation belongs.


Date and time when the deviation occurred. By default, the current time is taken, but you can change back in time yourself.

Due date

It is possible to set an Action latest date on each deviation. This is a date that the deviation must be remedied before. If the action by the last date has passed, the deviation will end up under the Delayed tab in the deviation view.

Odometer reading (units only)

Fill in the unit's current meter reading.


Here is the choice to add working hours for users. You can add multiple users.

Downtime (units only)

Enter any downtime or downtime here for hours.


Add a responsible user or group. The person who becomes responsible receives notice of this and the deviation ends up in the user's My cases list.


In the comments field on a deviation, it is possible to tag individuals and groups. To do this, type @ characters followed by the name of a user or group. Everyone you choose to tag will receive a push notification if they are logged in to the app. In the admin panel, the Notice Center will light up red to indicate a new notice. Tagging enables smooth communication between users in the system.

Add image

A picture often says more than 1000 words, it is said. If you do this from the app, you are given the choice to add pictures that are already on the phone or take new ones.


  • Rectified - green symbol.

  • Deviation - yellow symbol.

  • Serious error - red symbol.

Activity log

Everything that is reported in a deviation is saved in the history flow. Here you can see who reported what and at what time as well as all changes/additions.

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