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An incident can be reported in three different ways:

  • As an administrator or manager in the Admin Panel.

  • Via a quick link.

  • Via the app. See a separate article on how to report an incident through the app.


When it comes to incident management, you can also set up your own templates for your incidents. Here are some fields and options that are good to have:

  • Categories - here you can select different categories depending on which you have entered under company settings e.g. Work environment or health & safety

  • Site & Section - here you choose which sites you want the template to be able to be used at

  • Disable template - here you can disable the template without having to delete it

  • Allow anonymous reporting - this can be activated if you want users to be able to report anonymously

  • Require incident manager to move incident to next step - this feature is good if you want to ensure that someone takes responsibility for the case.

Inside the template:

  • Report - here is the first step for someone who reports an incident to enter the title and event date, there is also the option to edit in the template more fields that you want to have included

  • Completion - here a person in charge can complete the case

  • Risk & Investigation - within this step you can place a risk assessment with different components

  • Action - during this step you make sure to write to what actions have taken place with the incident

  • Follow-up - this step is to give feedback to the person who reported the case and also those involved.

Admin panels

Click Incidents in the left menu and then click Report New at the top right. Select the template, workplace and category, then click Start. Then fill in the incident and submit it by clicking Report.

Quick link

It is also possible to report incidents through a quick link. A quick link can e.g. be posted on your company's intranet for easy access for company users. Each template has its unique link address, you can find it by clicking on Templates in the left menu, holding the mouse pointer over an individual template and clicking on Settings. Copy the link and use it in any place.

When you use the link, it goes to a specific template and you are always anonymous when you report an incident through the quick link.

If you want to offer quick links to several different templates, you must copy and distribute separate links to these.

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