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Create and edit items
Create and edit items
Written by Håkan Holmgren
Updated over a week ago

To create a new article, start by clicking on Items in the left-hand menu and then clicking on New Item at the top right. Fill in the form that opens in the pop-up window.

  • Name (required) - the name of the article.

  • Part No. - item number.

  • Description - a shorter description of the item if needed.

  • Measurement unit - select the unit of measure that fits the item.

  • Category - select a category for the item.

  • Units - select one or more units that use the item, or check "Used by all units".

  • Keywords - enter keywords, make it easier to find the right item.

To quickly find an item, you can use the search function. Your search can be based on a Part no., name, unit or keyword. You can also filter your search for items associated with a particular unit. To edit an article, just click on it in the list.

Tip ...
Make sure you tag your items with one or more keywords to reduce the time it takes for users to find the right item.

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