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Deviation report
Written by Håkan Holmgren
Updated over a week ago

To direct report a deviation, press Unit/Round, select site/section and a unit/round and then press on New deviation.

Creating and reporting the deviation

Below are described the various parts that can be filled in when the deviation is created. Only the title-field is mandatory, but it is, of course, good to add as much information as possible regarding the deviation. 

Enter a short but informative heading that describes the deviation.

If you want to describe the deviation in more detail, you can do this here. The description will be previewed in the deviation view in the admin panel when you move the mouse pointer over a deviation. The description text also comes in full when exporting to Excel.

Select the category to which the deviation belongs.

Odometer (for units only)
The current mileage of the unit can be submitted and added into the history log for the unit.

Date and time when the deviation occurred. By default, the current time is taken but you can change the date and time yourself.

Work time
Here you can add working hours for one or several users to fix this deviation.

Downtime (for units only)
Enter the downtime on the unit because of the deviation.

Here you can add refills of different fluids.

Add item
If your company uses the article database you can add those items here in your deviation report.

In the comment field of a deviation, it is possible to tag people and groups. You do this by typing @ characters followed by names of a user or group. Everyone who chooses to tag will receive a push notification if they are logged in to the app. In the admin panel, the Notification Center will light red to indicate that a new note has been received. Tagging enables smooth communication between users in the system.

Take photo
An image often says more than 1000 words are said. Add a picture to the deviation either by taking a new photo or choosing one from the library.

Due date
It is possible to set a Fix last date on each deviation. This is a date that the deviation should be remedied before. If the last date has been cleared, the deviation will fall under the Delay tab in the deviation view in the admin panel.

Responsible (only managers & administrators)
Add a responsible user or group. Anyone who is responsible will receive a notice of this either in the app or in the admin panel and the deviation also ends up in the My Tasks-list for those responsible.


  • Rectified - green symbol.

  • Deviation - yellow symbol.

  • Serious Malfunction - red symbol.

When done, press Save, the deviation is now reported!

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