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Show information about a unit/round
Show information about a unit/round
Written by Håkan Holmgren
Updated over a week ago

To view information about a unit/round, first press the Unit/Round-button, select workplace/section and unit/round, then press Next. Here you see information about the unit/round, such as ID number, brand, model etc. If there are active deviations, they are also listed here.

You can also see:

Rectified deviations
Here you see all the deviations that have been rectified on the unit/round. Press any deviation to view history or edit it, eg write a new comment, add a picture or change the status.

Here you can see all the upcoming, ongoing and performed services on the unit.

Inspections & Certificates
Here you can see upcoming and completed inspections & certificates. Press on a completed inspection/certificate to see what was done.

Here you find documents that are only linked to the selected device/round. It can be, for example, an instruction manual or a list of spare parts.

Here you will find the history of all work done on the unit/round, such as checks performed and reported deviations. You can easily filter by date by pressing the icon at the top right.

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