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Report a service
Written by Håkan Holmgren
Updated over a week ago

To report a service press on the New-button and select Service. Select a site/section and a unit, then press on Next and then select a serviceinterval.

Fill out the service report. Below you can read about which different fields you can fill in

  • Choose interval – choose the time interval for the specific service.

  • Mileage – submit the mileage of the unit at the time of service.

  • Date and time – the time and date the service was carried out.

  • Working time – if needed, submit the time to carry out the service. Choose the user performing the service.

  • Downtime – if needed, add the amount of time the unit is down.

  • Refill – this is where you submit fluid refills during a service.

  • Add item – if your company uses the article database you can add those items here during your service.

  • Comment – add a comment to your service.

  • Take photo – add a picture to the deviation either by taking a new photo or choosing one from your phone or tablet photo library.

  • Status – choose the status of the service (Ongoing or Completed).

When you are done press the Save-button at the bottom. The service is now reported.

Remember ...
To be able to fill out a service report, an administrator in your company must add at least one service interval to the unit.

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