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Managing user accounts
Managing user accounts
Written by Håkan Holmgren
Updated over a week ago

Create a new user by navigating to Users in the left hand menu in the Admin Panel. Next click on the Create User-button. In the pop-up form choose what kind of user you would like to create. In CheckProof you have four different user types to choose from.

  • User – The most common user of the app. Uses a phone number and a PIN-number to log in to the app. This user cannot log on to the Admin Panel.

  • Manager – This user can log on to the Admin Panel and create, edit and delete sites assigned to them with full editing permissions. The administrator assigns the manager accounts accessing permissions.

  • Administrator – This user has full permissions within the Admin Panel. There can be more than one administrator in your company.

  • Observer – An observer only has access to the Admin Panel but the permissions are read only. The administrator assigns the sites that the observer can access.

In those cases when you have created one of the following types of user; administrator, manager or observer, an email will be sent from CheckProof to the email address assigned to the new account. In the e-mail we welcome you to CheckProof and a URL is embedded to the website along with the accounts username and password.

When you create a new user you will be able to assign permissions to the user. If you are the administrator you will be able to choose from all the sites your company has created in the Admin Panel. If you have the manager user type then you will only be able to assign permissions to sites you have access to.

Remember ...
Administrators and managers can all log in to the app. On the start page in the app click on Log in as an Administrator and the log in form changes from phone number and PIN-number, to e-mail address and password.

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