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Under the tab Responsible, you add the users/groups who will be responsible for checks and / or deviations on the unit/round. Enter the device/tour and click the Edit button, then click the Responsible tab.


Add users and / or groups to the controls that belong to the current device or round. You can choose to select all control types or only select specific controls. For example, you can let one user be responsible for the daily checks while another is responsible for the weekly and monthly checks. In the My errands list, users see which controls they are responsible for.


Add the users and / or groups that will automatically be responsible when a deviation is created on the selected device or round. The user is notified via a push notification in the app when a new deviation is created. Managers and administrators who are not logged in to the app are notified in the admin panel by the notification center lights up red. The deviation you are responsible for ends up in the My errands list until it has been rectified.

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