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Inspection & Certificate
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Under the Inspection & Certificates tab, enter the inspections/certificates to be performed on the unit/round. To add a new one, go to the unit/round, click on the Edit button and go to the Inspection & Certificates tab. Now click on Add, select type, give the inspection/certificate a name and set the date on which it is to be performed. If you want, you can also attach documents to the inspection / certificate, e.g. instructions on how to perform it.

It is also possible to set whether to send reminders via e-mail.

You can add more inspections/certificates to the same device. The inspections/certificates you add are displayed under the Follow-up view in the left menu and in the app on the current unit/round.

When you perform an inspection (can only be done from the admin panel) and clear it, the system will ask you if the inspection/certificate should be repeated. If you answer Yes, you enter the settings for the inspection/certificate and can immediately set a new date for the next opportunity. If you answer No, the inspection/certificate will remain but remain inactive. You can then at a later time go in and reactivate the inspection/certificate.

When you are done, click Save.

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