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Report deviation

How does it work to report a deviation

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When you report a deviation from the admin view, there are some fields you need to fill in and also other fields that can be good to use.

  • Site - here you choose where the deviation has been reported.

  • Unit/round - which unit or round the deviation has been created on.

  • Deviation title - here you name the deviation

  • Description - a field to fill in a description of what has happened and why a deviation has been reported.

  • Date - opportunity to fill in which date the deviation was created.

  • Due date - the last fix can be used if you want to set a date when the deviation must be fixed

  • Work time - option to enter how much work time has been spent on the deviation. Could be good to use if you need to keep logs/hours at work.

  • Responsible - who is responsible for correcting the deviation?

  • New comment - box to fill in a comment on the deviation, can also be used to tag employees or managers.

  • Add image - if you need to add an image of the deviation

  • Status - possibility to change the status of the deviation.

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